Repertoire of The Georgian National Ballet

Georgian dances are divided into solo, pair and group. Each dancer has to subordinate to the requirements of a common plan and its expression in the dance. At the same time the performers do not lose their individuality, since several dances demand competition between partners in strength,agility, elevation and bold movements.

The role of female dancers is an interesting one. It has a grace and charm of its own, comparable with classical ballet, where every emotion and feeling has its own traditional movement. They are tender and calm, they do small steps and give the impression of slipping.

The male dancers can also boast a highly original technique for, unlike any other dancers in the world, they dance on their toes and without the aid of "block" shoes. Unbelievable exhibition of virile energy - spectacular leaps and turns, incredible spins - performed with a speed and precision the like of which can hardly be imagined. They are the only men in the world who dance on their toes.

Ballet is one of the key elements to Georgian dance and each dancer is encouraged to go through training, as it gives them the flexibility and elegance that the audience perceives and enjoys during the show.

Dances performed by the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili:

Partsa      Kartuli            Khorumi       Kazbeguri       Adjaruli       Khonga       Khevsuruli       Mkhedruli      Samaya      Khandjluri      Mtiuluri      Karachokheli      

Sadarbazo      Kintauri      Simdi      Shejibri      Jeirani      Narnari      Zekari      Samani      Ilouri       Ajameti       Uchkhresti       Juta       Shkhelda       Chavla       Nanila